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Boilers & Combi-boilers

Old boilers are not just inefficient, they can become quite dangerous. The heat exchanger can become clogged or blocked, causing carbon monoxide to be emitted throughout the home. If your boiler is past its warranty or you think it’s time for a replacement, you have a couple of options to choose from. The first is to replace your existing boiler with a new, more efficient appliance, and the second is to opt for the installation of a combi-boiler. A combi-boiler conveniently and efficiently acts both as a hot water tank and provides heat for your home.


  • Replacing your existing boiler with a combi-boiler can save you up to 50% annually on your heating bill

  • Boilers and combi-boilers are covered under a lengthy 15 Year warranty.

  • Never worry about being away from home and finding a flooded basement again – An automatic shut-off valve prevents disaster from striking.

  • Boilers  and combi-boilers require smaller volumes of hot water to heat a space, which means the hot water piping uses significantly less space than traditional ductwork.



By switching to a boiler or combi-boiler, not only will you significantly save energy and money on your energy bills, you may be able to offset your installation with FortisBC rebates. Rocky Mountain Rooter is knowledgeable about the various Rebate programs offered by FortisBC and well versed in the ENERGY STAR® portfolio of products and appliances to help you maximize your rebate.

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